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NURSĀ 4030. Community Nursing. 6 Hours.

Students In this course will synthesize public health concepts within a preventive framework to promote and maintain the health of communities. The historical development and philosophy of public health will be examined, and the role of epidemiology in public health nursing will be discussed. Special focus areas include health promotion and health behaviors of individuals, families, and populations, disaster preparedness and response, cultural competence and nursing care of communities/populations. Social determinants of health affecting individuals, families, and populations and specifically to vulnerable populations will be studied. The use of the nursing process as it applies to populations and an examination and implementation of health literacy concepts will be addressed. This course may offer an optional Academic Community Engagement, interprofessional and/or study abroad component(s). Study abroad is for an additional fee. Variable Credit (1 to 6). Course Equivalents: NURS 4630
Prerequisite: Admission to the Nursing program.