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MUSI 4117. Recital. 1 Hour.

Students present a public solo performance reflecting the work of one full semester of preparation at the upper division level under supervision of the applied music faculty. The student must be concurrently enrolled for applied music instruction and must have his/her program approved by his/her professor. A Recital Hearing must be passed at least two weeks prior to the scheduled performance.

Undergraduate Certificate in Woodwind Performance Pedagogy
The objective of the Woodwind Performance Pedagogy certificate is to enhance and expand the pedagogical knowledge of performance ability in woodwind instruments for both music education and performance majors.  It is a non-degree course of study designed for undergraduate music students who are interested in intensive training and further development of performance and pedagogy skills in multiple woodwinds.  Most music majors enter an undergraduate program with expertise on one woodwind instrument, the primary instrument (woodwinds:  flute; oboe; clarinet; bassoon; and saxophone).  The certificate will provide opportunities to gain skills and practical experiences necessary to become highly competitive as performers and educators in the music field.  The educational objective of the certificate is to supplement an in-depth study of the primary with two additional or secondary woodwind instruments.