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MEDSĀ 7802. Neurologic & Behavior. 8 Hours.

Students explore functional anatomy and physiology of the nervous system in both health and disease, learning to use the neurologic examination, imaging techniques, and biochemical markers, to objectively assess the nervous system. Students learn the signs, symptoms, and consequences of nervous system pathologies resulting from trauma, ischemia, stroke, infection, toxins, autoimmune, and genetic conditions. Students are introduced to an overview of mental health issues, including developmental disorders, adaptive and maladaptive behaviors, mood disorders, stress-induced behavior, fear and anxiety disorders, substance abuse, somatoform disorders, and psychoses. Students also examine ethical, legal, and social aspects related to neuroscience and behavioral pathologies. In order to facilitate cognitive integration of basic and clinical sciences, this course is team-taught by clinicians and basic scientists. Course Equivalents: MEDS 7602 .