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KINE 4395. Internship II. 3 Hours.

Students complete an additional 200 hours of an internship experience and serves as the second half of the 400-hour internship for undergraduate students. This course allows students to either gain experience in a new setting, or to delve deeper into the experiences gained in KINE 4394.
Prerequisite: KINE 4393 and KINE 4377.

Department of Kinesiology
The mission of the Department of Kinesiology is to advance students’ understanding of relationships among movement, exercise, and skill that occur in the contexts of development, learning, rehabilitation, production, and training. The Kinesiology programs seek to prepare future professionals for movement-related fields such as athletic training, physical education teaching, sport coaching, sport management, athletic performance coaches, fitness trainers, researchers, medical and equipment sales specific to exercise science, and other careers in the fitness and wellness industries and allied health.  Learning occurs through the study of movement, exercise processes, and/or sport industry settings within a framework that emphasizes the clinical and practical implications of theory and research.