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HLTH 4365. Health Care Policy. 3 Hours.

Students are prepared in the essential health policy and law as well as the policies and legal issues impacting health care and public health systems. The methods used to formulate health policies and laws are included, as well.
Prerequisite: HLTH 1360, HLTH 2391, and Junior Standing.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Health Sciences: 3+2 MSAT
In the 3+2 degree option, students must apply and be accepted to the  Master of Science in Athletic Training  ( MSAT ) program to complete the dual degree. Students who are not accepted to the MSAT should complete the associated BS degree. Students who complete the MSAT 3+2 dual degrees are awarded both the BS and MSAT degrees upon completion of the 3+2 degree requirements. Below are the requirements for the BS in Health Sciences: 3+2 MSAT.