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ECON 5300. Economic Principles And Policy. 3 Hours.

An intensive study of microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts; the price system and how it functions under various market structures including perfect competition, pure monopoly, and imperfect market structures including monopolistic competition and oligopoly; resource markets; national income measurement and determination; inflation and unemployment; money and banking; economic stabilization including monetary and fiscal policy; international policy. This course does not apply to the 36-hour graduate credit hour requirement of the MBA degree program.

Master of Science in Applied Economics
The Master of Science in Applied Economics is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the core economic fields, with a strong focus on evidence-based decision-making, quantitative methods, and data analysis.  Students are introduced to a framework for analysis that can be applied to a variety of areas such as business and financial management, market research, international trade, public policy, health care and public health, and even criminal justice and law.  The M.S. in Applied Economics provides graduates with the applied analytical skills and advanced tools needed to be competitive in today’s labor market.