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CRIJ 6388. Emergent Issues In Criminal Justice Leadership. 3 Hours.

(SH Prior Course ID: CJ 688); This course serves as a capstone course for the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership program, providing an opportunity for the integration of information offered in the program and its relationship to emergent issues. Students address the effect of emergent perspectives in organization theory on public administration in general and more specifically upon criminal justice management and leadership. Students examine the impact of emergent technology upon criminal justice operations as well as study the integration of organization theory, principles of public administration, and community expectations of criminal justice leaders.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management
The Master of Science in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management degree is designed for individuals in management positions in criminal justice agencies or those who have a reasonable expectation of being promoted to such a position. The degree program serves practitioners whose occupations or other commitments prevent them from returning to campus as full-time students. The program was developed to allow those with full-time employment the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Leadership and Management within two years. The degree is offered in two delivery formats: a weekend cohort program and an online program. For the weekend program, participants attend approximately five on-campus classes offered on Saturday and Sunday each spring and fall semester and during the combined summer sessions. A student in full-time attendance earns six credit hours in each of the fall and spring semesters and combined summer sessions, totaling 18 credit hours per year. Typically, the online format requires students to complete two consecutive 7.5 week courses each semester, resulting in 18 credit hours per year.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice
In 2022, U.S.   News & World Report ranked our online Master's degree programs #2 in the United States for Criminal Justice.  The online Master of Science program in Criminal Justice is designed primarily for persons, regardless of prior academic or work experience in criminal justice, who are seeking a terminal master's degree and do not intend to continue to the Ph.D. level. The degree program works well for nontraditional students who have full-time jobs because it is available via distance education.   Courses are sequenced so that students can complete the degree in no more than two years, including summer semesters, but may be able to do so in less time.   The degree program prepares students to work in various areas of the criminal justice system including, but not limited to, field positions, administration, organizational management, and social services.   Students who are potentially interested in applying for the Ph.D.   program should apply for the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology.