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CRIJ 6099. Thesis. 1-3 Hours.

(SH Prior Course ID: CJ 699); The completion and defense of the Thesis. (The student must be registered in 6099 the semester in which he/she receives his/her master's degree.) Variable Credit (1-3). Course Equivalents: CRIJ 6399 .

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology
The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology degree is designed to prepare graduate students to conduct research and actively participate in the development of knowledge in the areas of criminological theory and criminal justice issues. Students who are planning careers in law enforcement, corrections or rehabilitation, or who wish a deeper understanding of crime and the criminal justice system should confer with the Graduate Program Advisor to develop a combination of elective courses that will support their particular career interests. Students seeking this degree are frequently candidates to pursue the Ph.D. in Criminal Justice.