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CHEM 1407. Intro Organic and Biochemistry. 4 Hours. [TCCN: CHEM 1407]

An orientation in organic chemistry is given in the first part of the course to allow treatment of the chemistry of nutrition and other biochemical aspects given in the last part. Two-hour laboratory. This course is for non-science majors.
Prerequisite: CHEM 1406, CHEM 1411, or completion of a high school chemistry course.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Chemistry: Biochemistry and Medicine Concentration

1 MATH 1420 requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area II (Mathematics) as well as one hour of Component Area IX (Component Area Option). 2 CHEM 1411 and CHEM 1412  satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements for Component Area III (Life and Physical Science) and the Degree Specific requirement. 3 2 hours, more if non-advanced prescribed electives are selected. 4 Recommended Biology minor is 7-8 additional advanced hours if BIOL 3450 was one of the prescribed electives, 11-12 hours otherwise.