Minor in Statistics and Data Science

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The Minor in Statistics and Data Science is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to work in an increasingly data-driven world.  Data science is a field of study that combines domain expertise, knowledge of mathematics and statistics, and programming skills to extract meaningful insights from data.

Students with the Minor in Statistics and Data Science may not also select the Minor in Statistical Methods.

Minor in Statistics and Data Science
Required Courses
STAT 3379Statistical Methds in Practice3
or STAT 3390 Probability and Statistics for Sciences
STAT 3385Statistical Methods for Data Science3
STAT 4374Regression Modeling & Analysis3
STAT 4390Intro. to Statistical Learning3
Prescribed Electives
Select two from the following:6
Stat Desgn & Analys of Exprmt
Sample Survey Methods
Intro to Statistical Computing
Special Topics in Statistics
Thry & Appl of Prob & Stat I
Thry & Aplctn of Prob & Sta II
Nonparametric Statistics
Quality Control & Reliability
Time Series and Forecasting
Intro Appl Bayesian Analysis
Total Hours18