Minor in Business Data Analytics

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Students enrolled in the Business Data Analytics minor will acquire knowledge, analytical skills, and software/programming skills that will prepare them for entry-level positions in business data analytics or for further training in business data analytics. The minor provides valuable training for those pursuing careers in business, banking, finance, healthcare administration, and public administration.

Minor in Business Data Analytics
Required Courses
Prescribed Electives: Techniques
Select three from the following:9
Intro To Bus Forecasting& Econ
Econometrics for Business
Decision Analysis & Analytics
Marketing Research
Prescribed Electives: Skills
Select three from the following:9
Emerging Technology in Accounting
Advanced Business Analytics for Economics and Business
Financial Spreadsheet Modeling
Business Database Management
Business Database Mgt II
Total Hours18

Note: For non-College of Business Administration (COBA) majors, MATH 1342 and MATH 3379/STAT 3379 or the COBA equivalents are required. In addition, Non-College of Business Administration (COBA) majors need to take at least two other COBA courses, MGIS 3310 and BUAD 1305 (or CSTE 1330 or MGIS 1301), as prerequisites, and up to five additional courses depending on courses selected by the student.

Furthermore, degree candidates for a Minor in Business Data Analytics must achieve a minimum 2.0 grade point average for all hours attempted in business courses, including in residence and transfer hours whether required for the Business Data Analytics minor or not.