Higher Education Leadership (HELD)

This is an archived copy of the 2021-2022 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.shsu.edu.

HEDL 7088. Special Topics in Higher Ed. 1-3 Hours.

HEDL 7089. Independent Study Higher Ed. 1-3 Hours.

HEDL 7110. Doctoral Studies in Higher Ed. 1 Hour.

Students explore studies in higher education leadership, topics of current interest, and information regarding areas of study and research related to the doctoral program. Will be repeated for a total of three credits with different topics.

HEDL 7332. Org and Admin of Higher Ed. 3 Hours.

Students apply organizational theories to administration applications in higher education administration. Drawing upon leadership theory, organization theory, administrative theory, psychology, sociology, and educational leadership, a variety of topics are applied to higher education settings.

HEDL 7361. Assessment & Eval in Higher Ed. 3 Hours.

Students examine the process of collecting, analyzing, and using data for evidence-based change in higher education. They then, apply theories of assessment and evidence use to develop and recommend plans for change and improvement.

HEDL 7370. Higher Ed. Policy / Governance. 3 Hours.

Students examine the common governance structures and policies in community colleges and universities. Topics may include organizational structures, policies, and ethics that impact higher education leadership decisions. Students conduct an analysis of shared governance, academic freedom, and situations commonly faced by higher education leaders.

HEDL 7372. Dvrsty & Culture: Higher Ed. 3 Hours.

Students examine demographic trends in higher education student populations and a variety of cultural, linguistic, social, and political perspectives within higher education. Students in this course will apply identity development theory to enhance the institutions' capacity to educate all students.

HEDL 7373. History of Amer Higher Ed Sys. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to teach doctoral students the historical and contemporary role of the American college and university system. The course covers the establishment of the community college as a unique American idea that has become a major component in the postsecondary milieu. The course also focuses on historical, current and emerging issues in the American college setting and the university system.

HEDL 7374. The College Student. 3 Hours.

Students are provided with a foundation in student development, which includes information concerning the current generations of college students and how they develop while they are in college. Students also develop an understanding of the theoretical bases for student development and are able to identify the role of student development/services/affairs in developing college students.

HEDL 7375. Higher Education Finance. 3 Hours.

Students are provided a comprehensive overview of higher education funding and financing. Specific details of how a budget is built, sources of revenue, objects of expenditures, and planning are covered in the course. Students learn relevant terms, how to plan, build and implement an institution-wide budget. The course is intended to prepare students for leadership positions in higher education by providing a better understanding of financial, budgetary, and planning issues in public post-secondary education.

HEDL 7376. Teaching & Learning in HiEd. 3 Hours.

Students identify and analyze contemporary issues in community college curriculum, including academic, workforce, tech prep, and dual credit.

HEDL 7377. Ldrshp of Higher Ed Institu. 3 Hours.

Students are introduced to an array of theoretical and practical orientations to leadership in the community college. The course content addresses current and emerging issues of leadership, administration, and management in the community college. Students become familiar with leadership theories and how to apply to them to a dynamic, multicultural, multi-ethnic educational environment.

HEDL 7378. Legal Issues in Higher Ed. 3 Hours.

Students are provided an overview of the organization, governance, and administration of higher education. Students learn to analyze the elements that define colleges, describe models to explain how colleges are organized and managed; and integrate these models with administrative views to influence organizational processes, to include the communication of current issues to other personnel. The course focuses on legal issues that affect the governance of higher education.

HEDL 7387. Independent Study. 3 Hours.

Doctoral students are provided an opportunity to engage in a detailed and in-depth field study of a program or problem in higher education administration. The student works under the supervision of a doctoral faculty member and will be expected to produce a summative written product or presentation.

HEDL 8033. Dissertation. 1-3 Hours.

Students prepare an approved dissertation that will contribute to Higher Education Leadership. Minimum of 9 hours total required. Variable Credit (1 to 3).
Prerequisite: Completion of required leadership and research coursework and successful completion of comprehensive exam.