Business Administration (BUAD)

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BUAD 5080. Independent Study. 1-3 Hours.

This course is designed for the directed study of individual students who wish for intensive supervision in some vital aspect of Business Administration. Variable Credit (1 to 3). .
Prerequisite: BUAD 5310 and Approval of Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator.

BUAD 5085. Special Topic. 1-3 Hours.

This course of faculty-led study is designed to provide graduate students exposure to new General Business topics and concepts in a course setting. Variable Credit (1 to 3).

BUAD 5310. Managerial Communication. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to expand students' understanding of management and corporate communications and enhance managerial writing and speaking skills. Research projects and case studies prepare students to conduct business research and to report results.

BUAD 5348. Entrepreneurship:Theory/Practc. 3 Hours.

Students engage in an intensive examination of the theories of entrepreneurship, innovation, and intellectual entrepreneurship. Students research the major steps of starting a business, including developing their own Personal Entrepreneurship Plan. An emphasis is placed on converting intellectual capital into financial capital. Topics for extensive research may include self-assessment, opportunity screening, developing a marketing system, growth strategies, and financial strategies.

BUAD 5355. Managerial Law. 3 Hours.

Students are prepared, as managers, to be cognizant of the legal implications of their decisions regardless of their specific area of responsibility with a focus on researching legal issues and developing strategies from the standpoint of management - from supervisory level to Board of Directors. Emphasis is placed on research strategies that executives can use to generate pragmatic legal strategies to minimize legal expenses and legal liabilities. The research strategies are oriented toward sources that can quickly be analyzed and implemented rather than traditional legal research for law firms. Assignments result in real world business research memos.