Minor in Health

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A Minor in Health serves as an excellent support field for many majors.  The minor consists of 21 hours in health including HLTH 1366, HLTH 3391, and fifteen additional hours from health courses with at least 9 of those hours advanced.  If an internship in the minor is desired, students must include HLTH 4393 and HLTH 4394 in their course selections.

Non-Health University Majors selecting a Health Minor: Business, Communication, Criminal Justice, Education, History, Kinesiology, Psychology, Sociology, and others.

The health minor may also be selected as one of the three minors required of the Bachelor of General Studies degree and may also be combined with an Associate Degree in Allied Health for a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree. Interested students should see the advisors for the B.G.S or B.A.A.S degrees for specific degree requirements.

Minor in Health
Degree Specific Requirements6
Fund Hlth Promo & Hlth Careers
Study Of Human Diseases
Minor Electives - Select 15 credits from the following:15
Multicultural Health Issues
Principles of Public Health
Principles US Health Care Sys
Health Planning & Evaluation
Drug Use and Abuse
Family Life & Sex Education
Health Comm & Literacy
Health Care Policy
Health Informatics
Patient Navigation
Global Health
Community Health
Environmental Health
Prof Prep Health Careers (Required for HLTH 4394)
Internship Program
Special Topics in Health
Total Hours21


HLTH 3361, HLTH 4380, and HLTH 4390 require Junior Standing.

HLTH 4393 requires a prerequisite of HLTH 3350 or HLTH 4387, and the completion of 12 hours of HLTH course work.

HLTH 4394 requires a prerequisite of HLTH 4393, and the completion of 18 hours of HLTH course work.