Academic Standing

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Academic Good Standing for Undergraduate Students

Students in academic good standing have an SHSU grade point average of at least 2.0.

Academic Probation or Suspension for Undergraduate Students

An undergraduate student who falls below a 2.0 overall grade point average at the close of any term during which one or more semester hours are attempted will be placed on probation. Summer school (two sessions) is considered to be a unit equivalent to one term.  Students previously placed on probation may be eligible to register provided the student is re-advised.

If an enrolled student on probation fails to achieve a minimum of a 2.0 overall grade point average, the student will be suspended. Students previously suspended may be eligible to register provided an academic standing override has been approved by their academic dean.

Notice of suspension must be communicated to the International Student Advisor in the Office of International Programs.

Academic actions are based on the total Sam Houston State University record and are implemented at the close of the fall, spring, summer term. The appropriate academic dean may place on probation, retain on probation, or suspend any student without regard to the regulations previously stated.

Release of Academic Probation

The student will be released from probation at the close of the term in which the overall SHSU grade point average meets or exceeds 2.0.

Readmission to Undergraduate Studies after Suspension

The period of academic suspension and the subsequent readmission of a student on academic probation are based on the entire Sam Houston State University academic record. Readmission from suspension must be approved by the academic dean of the college in which the student was majoring at the time of his/her suspension. The petition for readmission must be made in writing.  When a student has not been enrolled for an academic year, he or she must also seek readmission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

Students who are subject to suspension under the stated terms of the Academic Probation, Suspension, and Termination policy and register for enrollment at the University do so at their own risk and monies paid for fees and tuition are subject to the refund regulations as stated in the current catalog.

Academic Grievance Procedures for Students

Academic grievances include disputes over academic standards, course grades, unauthorized class absences or tardiness, suspension from the University for Academic Deficiency, and/or alleged unprofessional conduct by a course instructor. A copy of Academic Policy Statement 900823, Academic Grievance Procedures for Students, can be obtained from the office of the student’s academic dean, departmental chair, or the Newton Gresham Library.