Communication Studies (COMS)

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COMS 5331. Comm Studies Methods & Resrch. 3 Hours.

An introduction to graduate level research methods, including quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Students will learn to develop individual research proposals.

COMS 5332. Statistical Methods For Comm. 3 Hours.

This course focuses upon various statistical techniques used in communication research, including univariate and bivariate techniques, hypothesis testing for single and multiple samples, as well as methods used to investigate relationships between two or more variables such as ANOVA, ANCOVA, and multiple regression analysis. Lectures, assigned readings and projects are used to describe and illustrate advanced literature on the logic, interpretation, and assumptions of each statistical model. Emphasis is placed upon understanding of the techniques and their assumptions as well as applications. Research activities based on the use of statistical techniques are included in the course.

COMS 5335. Advanced Communication Theory. 3 Hours.

(Prior SH course id: COM 535); This course is designed to help students understand and evaluate communciation theory from varied empirical and critical perspectives. Students will learn the process of theory building in order to evaluate existing theories.

COMS 5360. Adv Interpersonal Communicatns. 3 Hours.

A study of methodological and theoretical issues in relational communication with special attention to building ongoing research projects in support of theory.

COMS 5370. Health Communication. 3 Hours.

A study of a variety of health communication topics that relate to and influence the family and other relationships. Perspective and theories in public health, adolescent alcohol and drug abuse,parent-child-physician communication, telemedicine, and rural health concerns.

COMS 5371. Sex & Gender In Communication. 3 Hours.

A study of sex and gender differences and similarities in communication behavior. Students will examine the sex and gender scholarship and assess Its Implications for understanding communication in interpersonal and family relationships.

COMS 5375. Grad Readings in Communication. 1-3 Hours.

(Prior SH course id: COM 575); This course is an independent study of topics that are not covered elsewhere in the graduate curriculum. Special attention is given to students who need more in-depth study of a topic that is related to their thesis research.

COMS 5380. Advanced Family Communication. 3 Hours.

Methodological and theoretical issues in family communication.

COMS 5390. Seminar In Interpersonal Comm. 3 Hours.

Advanced topics in interpersonal communication theory and research. Topics rotate from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change.

COMS 5391. Seminar In Family Communicatn. 3 Hours.

Advanced topics in family communication theory and research. Topics rotate from semester to semester. May be repeated for credit when topics change.

COMS 6398. Thesis I: Practicum. 3 Hours.

Initial phase of the thesis investigation, including review of the literature, establishment of the research design, collection of pilot data, and plan for completion.
Prerequisite: Permission of thesis director.

COMS 6399. Thesis II: Completion. 3 Hours.

Final phase of the thesis investigation, including data collection and analysis, writing, and defense. The student must be registered in COMS 6399 during the semester in which the thesis is completed and defended.
Prerequisite: COMS 6398.