College of Education

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The College of Education is comprised of five academic units:

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Leadership
  • Counselor Education
  • Language, Literacy and Special Populations
  • Library Science

Teacher Certification is also under the administrative purview of the College of Education.

Administrative Officers

DeanStacey Edmonson, Ed.D.; (936) 294-1101
Associate Dean of Research and Graduate StudiesDebbie Price, Ph.D.; (936) 294-1125
Associate Dean of Teacher EducationSandra Stewart, Ed.D.; (936) 294-1103
Assistant Dean of AssessmentMatthew Fuller, Ph.D.; (936) 294-2539
Department of Curriculum and InstructionBill Edgington, Ed.D., Chair; (936) 294-1213
Department of Educational LeadershipAnthony Harris, Ed.D., Chair; (936) 294-4659
Department of Counselor EducationMary Nichter, Ph.D., Chair; (936) 294-3858
Department of Language, Literacy and Special PopulationsBarbara Greybeck, Ph.D., Chair; (936) 294-3969
Department of Library ScienceHolly Weimar, Ed.D., Chair; (936) 294-1150


Through excellent instruction, research, and public service, the College of Education provides students with opportunities to develop knowledge, skills, strategies, and experiences which allow them to serve in diverse roles and function productively in society.

Contact Information
(936) 294-1101
Teacher Education Center 213


Academic Programs

Master's Degrees

Major, DegreeDepartment
Administration, MEDEducational Leadership
Counseling, MACounselor Education
School Counseling, MEDCounselor Education
Comparative and Global Education, MEDCurriculum and Instruction
Curriculum and Instruction, MACurriculum and Instruction
Higher Education Administration, MAEducational Leadership
Instructional Leadership, MAEducational Leadership
Instructional Leadership, MEDEducational Leadership
Instructional Technology, MEDCurriculum and Instruction
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), MEDLanguage, Literacy, and Special Populations
Library Science, MLSLibrary Science
Reading/Language Arts, MEDLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
Special Education, MALanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
Special Education, MEDLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations

Doctoral Degrees

Major, DegreeDepartment
Counselor Education, PhDCounselor Education
Educational Leadership, EdDEducational Leadership
Developmental Education Administration, EdDEducational Leadership
Instructional Technology, EdDCurriculum and Instruction
Literacy, EdDLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations


Graduate CertificateDepartment
Academic AdvisingEducational Leadership
Adult EducationCurriculum and Instruction
Comparative and International EducationCurriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood EducationLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
Early Childhood Special EducationLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
Effective Online InstructionCurriculum and Instruction
Higher Education Assessment and Institutional ResearchEducational Leadership
Play TherapyCounselor Education
Second Language InstructionLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
Youth Services LibrariesLibrary Science
Professional CertificationDepartment
Board Certified Behavior AnalystLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
Educational DiagnosticianLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
PrincipalEducational Leadership
Reading SpecialistLanguage, Literacy and Special Populations
School CounselingCounselor Education
School LibrarianLibrary Science
SuperintendentEducational Leadership
TeacherCurriculum and Instruction