Business Analysis (BANA)

BANA 2372. Business Analysis. 3 Hours.

Students are introduced to the use of business statistics. Topics may include: data visualization, descriptive statistics, probability, discrete and continuous distributions, statistical modeling, and inference.
Prerequisite: MATH 1314, or MATH 1324, or MATH 1410, or MATH 1420, and (BUAD 1305 or CSTE 1330, concurrent enrollment allowed).

BANA 3363. Inter Business Analysis. 3 Hours.

This course is a continuation of BANA 2372 and is designed to introduce the use of statistics as a business tool in the face of incomplete knowledge. Students will learn the following topics in this course: estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, goodness-of-fit measures, correlation, simple and multiple regression.
Prerequisite: 50 Completed hours and BANA 2372.

BANA 3364. Operations Research. 3 Hours.

In this course, students will learn quantitative methods used in the analysis of business problems. Topics include: decision theory, linear programming, transportation and inventory models, Bayesian probability, and queuing theory.
Prerequisite: 50 Completed hours and BANA 2372.

BANA 4080. Independent Study. 3 Hours.

BANA 4365. Intro To Bus Forecasting& Econ. 3 Hours.

In this course, students will apply statistical methods for business and economic forecasting and for hypothesis testing, estimation, and analyzing economic data.
Prerequisite: 50 Completed hours and ECON 2301, ECON 2302, and BANA 3363.