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SPED 3301. Learn and Instruc Child W/Disa. 3 Hours.

This course provides pre-service teachers with instructional strategies for working with students who are at risk or identified with a disability. Pre-service teachers will demonstrate their knowledge of best practices by analyzing and critiquing various texts (including multimedia) and creating appropriate learning tasks for students at risk or with disabilities. The course will also provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to generate modifications or accommodations to curriculum and instruction to meet the individual needs of learners.
Prerequisite: SPED 2301.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Education: EC-6 Special Education Core

1 GEOG 1300  or BESL 2301 suggested for Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Science and COMS 2381 suggested for Component Area IX (Component Area Option). 2 BIOL 1408  and BIOL 1436 satisfy the requirement for Component Area III (Life and Physical Science) as well as the major.  3   CAMX 2301 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area V (Creative Arts) as well as the major.  4 ENGL 2332 or ENGL 2333  satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture as well as the major. 5 MATH 1384  satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area II (Mathematics) as well as the major.    6 BESL 3301  prerequisite for  TESL 3313 7 TESL 3313 is a prerequisite for TESL 4314 . 8 Students admitted into the MED in Curriculum & Instruction as part of the 4+1 program may satisfy their Student Teaching requirement with the MED Internship coursework and 4 additional free elective hours.