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ENGL 5310. British Lit: Post-Industrial. 3 Hours.

Students explore major developments in the literature of post-industrial Britain by analyzing the aesthetic trends that led to literary movements. Topics might include Romanticism, Realism, Modernism, Post-Modernism, or students might explore the history of particular genres, such as the rise of the novel, lyrical poetry, autobiography, or news reporting. Topics will vary. May be repeated once with permission of department Chair.
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing.

Graduate Certificate in English

To teach college-level, dual-credit classes in the State of Texas, high school teachers must hold a graduate degree (Master’s or PhD) and have eighteen graduate hours (six courses) in the teaching field. The English teaching certificate program gives students who hold graduate degrees in fields other than English graduate training designed to enhance students' ability to teaching dual-credit and community college courses.