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ARTS 4311. Advanced Studio. 3 Hours.

This course is an interdisciplinary studio course emphasizing contemporary issues in art. Students will be encouraged to work in a variety of mediums, cross boundaries between mediums, incorporate technology, and collaborate. They will develop a body of work that is based on concepts relevant to personal expression and contemporary issues. Group and individual critiques will be used to evaluate progress and students will be encouraged to exhibit their work. Credit 3
Prerequisite: 9 hours of advanced Art Studio or Photography courses with a grade of C or better.

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Art

A total of 42 advanced hours are required for the BA. Twenty-four of these advanced hours are taken in the major. Eighteen advanced hours should be taken in the minor, foreign language, or electives.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Photography

The BFA Portfolio Review is the Department of Art’s process of review and evaluation before admitting students into any of the department’s Bachelor of Fine Arts programs.