Transfer Articulation: Theatre

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Theatre reflects the human condition in the study of a wide range of behavior, relationships, periods of history, social configurations, and aesthetic styles. Involvement in this collaborative art form finds students growing in theatre skills and techniques, better understanding themselves, solving problems, working within a group, and meeting production deadlines.

A theatre major first studies each area of the theatre to gain an introduction to acting, technical theatre, costume, lights or scenic design, stage makeup, history, criticism, and directing. From that background, a person can specialize in one of these areas with additional coursework in theatre or teacher education. Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs are available in musical theatre, acting and directing, design and technical theatre, secondary education, and theatre studies.

Students have the opportunity to audition for roles in department productions every semester. As they develop expertise in areas of their primary interests, advanced students are chosen to design lights, sets, costumes, sound, makeup, stage manage and to direct major productions. Productions are staged in either the large, 396-seat proscenium theatre or the 90-seat thrust theatre. The theatre spaces, as well as the scene and costume shops, are equipped with state of the art equipment. Guest directors and professional workshops provide students additional contacts with other people in professional theatre. The proximity to Houston allows students exposure to professional theatre, opera, dance, film, and other forms of cultural entertainment.

Department Contact: Thomas Prior
Phone: (936) 294-1328
Location: UTC Room 111

All theatre majors are required to register for THEA 1115, THEA 1116, or THEA 1117 (crew classes) for 2-3 semesters. Musical theatre majors are required to register for 2 semester credit hours of production crew.  These semester credit hours do not reduce the requirements for 3-hour courses necessary for the major. 

It is suggested that a student wishing to transfer to the Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre consults the current University Catalog to determine which courses fulfill the requirements specific to that emphasis.  For the BFA in Theatre, all of the areas of emphasis require THEA 1115THEA 1116THEA 1117; two of the introduction to technology courses: THEA 1330, THEA 1331 and THEA 1332; THEA 1364; and THEA 2367.  THEA 1366 will fulfill the arts requirement in the University core.  If the student is pursuing a degree in acting/directing, secondary education, or theatre studies, THEA 2330 and THEA 2368 are also required courses.  Theatre Studies and Acting/Directing also require THEA 2360.  Acting/Directing also requires THEA 2336 and THEA 2367.  Design/Technology requires all three of the introduction to technology courses listed.  All of the theatre emphasis areas have 6 hours of non-specified theatre electives which means 6 hours of 1000- or 2000-level courses can be counted towards the student's degree.  

Courses Transfer Students Should Take:*

SHSU Course NumberCollege/TCCN SHSU Course Title Semester Credit Hours
THEA 1115DRAM 1120Tech Build Crew1
THEA 1116DRAM 1120Costume Crew1
THEA 1117DRAM 1120Management Crew1
THEA 1330DRAM 1330Intro to Scenic Technology3
THEA 1331DRAM 2331Intro to Lighting Technology3
THEA 1332DRAM 1342Intro to Costume Technology3
THEA 1364DRAM 1351Beginning Acting3
THEA 2330DRAM 1341Stage Make Up3
THEA 2336DRAM 2336Voice I for the Actor3
THEA 2360DRAM 2335Beginning Design3
THEA 2367DRAM 2355Play Analysis3
THEA 2368DRAM 1352Intermediate Acting3
THEA 1366DRAM 1310Theatre Appreciation3

 *Note: Other courses may transfer, depending upon the selected degree or program.  Meet with your academic advisor to confirm whether coursework will transfer from another institution. For a complete listing of degree-specific requirements, please review the degree plan within the Undergraduate Catalog

Field of Study 

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The Core Curriculum at Sam Houston State University (to be used by all incoming students as of fall 2014) contains 42 semester credit hours, encompassing nine component areas. Each component area has a minimum credit hour requirement and a selection of specific courses that may be used to satisfy the requirement. The Core Curriculum details Sam Houston State University courses and their Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) equivalents for college transfer students which comprise SHSU’s core curriculum.

Many SHSU disciplines including the sciences, business, and education require specific courses from the SHSU core as degree specific graduation requirements. To minimize cost and time to complete degree requirements always select SHSU/transfer core courses specified as degree requirements in your intended major.  If you have not decided on a major, select core courses supporting your intended area of academic concentration.

Prior to enrolling in core classes, students are encouraged to review specific degree requirements for their major. Selection of major-specified core courses reduces the total number of hours required for graduation.

If you do not see a Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) mapping a specific core course to your transfer institution, please go to Transfer Course Equivalency Guide and select your institution from the drop-down menu. The result will list all currently mapped transfer courses from your institution to SHSU courses.