Transfer Articulation: Spanish

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The study of languages other than English (LOTE) not only facilitates communication in another language but also opens new doors to different cultures and perspectives. Students of languages may experience art, literature, music, and other cultural and heritage components that enrich the lives of those who speak those languages. In addition, knowledge of languages other than English provides exciting opportunities to travel abroad and secure rewarding careers.

Professionals with competence in one or more foreign languages are needed in agriculture, business, computer science, criminology, education, the fine arts, government service, industry, international business, media, medicine, science, and related areas. The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers the fourth semester of core Spanish (and advanced classes) geared towards those whose careers are enhanced by applied bilingualism.

Students in World Languages at SHSU may earn a  M.A. in Spanish or a  B.A. in either Spanish or French; minors may be earned in French, German, Middle Eastern Studies (Arabic), Spanish, or Latin American and Latinx Studies. Students may also fulfill the core requirement (the first four semesters) with American Sign Language, Arabic, French or German. Fulfillment of the core requirement in additional languages is available through our membership in the National Association of Self-Instructed Language Programs (NASILP). Our Languages Program sponsors cultural activities designed to enhance the language student’s experience at Sam Houston State University. We sponsor Pi Delta Phi, the national French honor society, as well as Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish honor society. Students may also participate in language-associated clubs.

We also sponsor study abroad programs in Costa Rica and Quebec. Each summer, SHSU offers courses from a number of disciplines on campus and abroad. Students may take intermediate and advanced courses with all these courses taught by SHSU faculty.

Department Contact: Dr. Maria Barker
Phone: (936) 294-1414
Location: Department of World Languages & Cultures, ABIV Room 431

Required Courses for a Major or Minor in Spanish

A major in Spanish requires a total of 32 hours of course work: SPAN 1411, SPAN 1412, SPAN 2311 and SPAN 2312, plus 18 hours of upper-division courses (12 hours of which must be taken in residence).

Courses Transfer Students Should Take:*

SHSU Course NumberCollege/TCCN SHSU Course Title Semester Credit Hours
SPAN 1411SPAN 1411Elementary Spanish I4
SPAN 1412SPAN 1412Elementary Spanish II4
SPAN 2311SPAN 2311Intermediate Spanish I3
SPAN 2312SPAN 2312Intermediate Spanish II3

 *Note: Other courses may transfer, depending upon the selected degree or program. Meet with your academic advisor to confirm whether coursework will transfer from another institution.  For a complete listing of degree-specific requirements, please, review the degree plan within the Undergraduate Catalog

Field of Study

Sam Houston State University supports the State of Texas Fields of Study

Spanish majors and language students in the teacher certification program must take at least one history or geography course dealing with the country or countries whose language they are studying in order to promote interdisciplinary and international education.

The Core Curriculum at Sam Houston State University (to be used by all incoming students as of fall 2014) contains 42 semester credit hours, encompassing nine component areas. Each component area has a minimum credit hour requirement and a selection of specific courses that may be used to satisfy the requirement. The Core Curriculum details Sam Houston State University courses and their Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) equivalents for college transfer students which comprise SHSU’s core curriculum.

Many SHSU disciplines including the sciences, business, and education require specific courses from the SHSU core as degree specific graduation requirements. To minimize cost and time to complete degree requirements always select SHSU/transfer core courses specified as degree requirements in your intended major.  If you have not decided on a major, select core courses supporting your intended area of academic concentration.

Prior to enrolling in core classes, students are encouraged to review specific degree requirements for their major. Selection of major-specified core courses reduces the total number of hours required for graduation.

If you do not see a Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) mapping a specific core course to your transfer institution, please go to Transfer Course Equivalency Guide and select your institution from the drop-down menu. The result will list all currently mapped transfer courses from your institution to SHSU courses.