Transfer Articulation: Engineering Design Technology

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Cooperative program leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Design Technology at Sam Houston State University.

The Engineering Design Technology program focuses on developing designs and design concepts. Designers assist engineers in developing product prototypes and models. The concentration focuses on design study to assist in implementation of technology innovation, materials, and aesthetic values. The academic concentration is interdisciplinary with course requirements in design, business, management, production, and quality control analysis.  Competencies to obtain by the student will include presentation skills, comprehension of blueprints, product design specifications, problem-solving, and communication skills. As an Engineering Design Technology graduate in the Department of Engineering Technology, you will find career opportunities in entry-level positions as product designers, architectural designers, and assistant designers. For the most up-to-date information on current activities, clubs, and faculty contacts, please visit Department of Engineering Technology. Basic degree and transfer information appears below. Furthermore, this is a great minor for Interior Design majors.

There are currently 600 + students enrolled in Engineering Technology at SHSU. Enrollment in the program has grown by over 50% during the past 5 years when the department was restructured from Industrial Technology to Engineering Technology. The B.S. in Engineering Design Technology degree program is one of the fastest growing majors in both the department and the College of Science and Engineering Technology (COSET) at SHSU.  There are literally hundreds of possible career opportunities for those graduating with a degree from the Engineering Technology program at SHSU.

For additional information regarding admission requirements, degree programs, description of courses, and financial assistance available, please, refer to the appropriate sections of the undergraduate catalog. Brochures and information concerning the department and scholarships may be obtained by calling 936-294-1191, by writing: Sam Houston State University, Department of Engineering Technology, Engineering Technology program, Huntsville, Texas, 77341-2266, or by visiting Department of Engineering Technology.

Department Chair: Dr. Faruk Yildiz
Phone: (936) 294-1216 
Location: Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Center, PIRK 420C

Courses Transfer Students Should Take at the Community College:*

SHSU Course NumberCollege/TCCN SHSU Course Title Semester Credit Hours
CHEM 1411CHEM 1411General Chemistry I4
ETCM 2363ARCH 2603Architectural Design3
ETDD 1361ENGR 1304Engineering Graphics3
ETDD 1366Machining Technology I3
ETDD 1390ENGR 1304Intro -Computer Aided Drafting3
ETEC 1010Engineering Foundations1-2
ETEC 1371ENGR 1304Descriptive Geometry3
ETEE 1340ENGT 1401Introduction to Circuits3
MATH 1314MATH 1314Pre Calculus Algebra3
MATH 1316MATH 1316Plane Trigonometry3
MATH 1420MATH 2413Calculus I4
PHYS 1101PHYS 1101General Physics Laboratory I1
PHYS 1102PHYS 1102General Physics Laboratory II1
PHYS 1301PHYS 1301General Phy-Mechanics & Heat3
PHYS 1302PHYS 1302Gen Phy-Snd,Lght, Elec, & Mag3

*Note: Other courses may transfer, depending upon the selected degree or program.  Meet with your academic advisor to confirm whether coursework will transfer from another institution. For a complete listing of degree-specific requirements, please, review the degree plan within the Undergraduate Catalog

Field of Study 

Sam Houston State University supports the State of Texas Fields of Study

The Core Curriculum at Sam Houston State University (to be used by all incoming students as of fall 2014) contains 42 semester credit hours, encompassing nine component areas. Each component area has a minimum credit hour requirement and a selection of specific courses that may be used to satisfy the requirement. The Core Curriculum details Sam Houston State University courses and their Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) equivalents for college transfer students which comprise SHSU’s core curriculum.

Many SHSU disciplines including the sciences, business, and education require specific courses from the SHSU core as degree specific graduation requirements. To minimize cost and time to complete degree requirements always select SHSU/transfer core courses specified as degree requirements in your intended major.  If you have not decided on a major, select core courses supporting your intended area of academic concentration.

Prior to enrolling in core classes, students are encouraged to review specific degree requirements for their major. Selection of major-specified core courses reduces the total number of hours required for graduation.

If you do not see a Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) mapping a specific core course to your transfer institution, please go to Transfer Course Equivalency Guide and select your institution from the drop-down menu. The result will list all currently mapped transfer courses from your institution to SHSU courses.