Transfer Articulation: Business

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The College of Business Administration (COBA) offers a comprehensive range of academic majors, a strong curriculum, excellent teaching, and special programs that give our students the real-world perspective they need to meet the challenges of today’s business environment. We have worked hard to cultivate a program that encourages innovation, embraces change, and embodies our deep commitment to providing a personal educational experience for every one of our students. For more information, please feel free to contact us directly.

COBA offers 12 majors for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree.  The first two years of study are comprised of coursework from the following areas: (1) the common core; (2) lower-level degree-specific requirements; and (3) lower-level business core courses.  The BBA degree requires a minimum of 120 hours with at least 42 advanced hours (3000- and 4000-level courses).  Additional hours are sometimes added with double majors and/or minors.  However, the BBA does not require a minor.  Prior to enrolling in core classes, students are encouraged to review specific degree requirements for their major. 

For those pursuing the Field of Study (FOS) at their community college, please note that an Introduction to Business Course is included in that program and could transfer in as BUAD 1301, an elective in all 12 business majors.

Department Contact: Dr. Natalie Hegwood, Assistant Dean
Phone: (936) 294-1254
Location: Smith-Hutson Business Building, room 103C

 Courses Transfer Students Should Take:*

SHSU Course NumberCollege/TCCN SHSU Course Title Semester Credit Hours
ACCT 2301ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Acc3
ACCT 2302ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Acc3
BANA 2372BUSI 2305Business Analysis3
BUAD 1305BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications3
BUAD 2301
ECON 2301ECON 2301Principles Of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2302ECON 2302Principles Of Microeconomics3
COMS 2382SPCH 1321Comm. for Bus. & Professions3
MATH 1324MATH 1324Mth for Mngl Decision Making3

*Note: SPCH 1321 may also transfer in for BUAD 2321 Design and Presentation of Business Projects. Other courses may transfer, depending upon the selected degree or program. Meet with your academic advisor to confirm whether coursework will transfer from another institution. For a complete listing of degree-specific requirements, please review the degree plan within the Undergraduate Catalog

The Core Curriculum at Sam Houston State University (to be used by all incoming students as of fall 2014) contains 42 semester credit hours, encompassing nine component areas. Each component area has a minimum credit hour requirement and a selection of specific courses that may be used to satisfy the requirement. The Core Curriculum details Sam Houston State University courses and their Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) equivalents for college transfer students which comprise SHSU’s core curriculum.

Many SHSU disciplines including the sciences, business, and education require specific courses from the SHSU core as degree specific graduation requirements. To minimize cost and time to complete degree requirements always select SHSU/transfer core courses specified as degree requirements in your intended major.  If you have not decided on a major, select core courses supporting your intended area of academic concentration.

Prior to enrolling in core classes, students are encouraged to review specific degree requirements for their major. Selection of major-specified core courses reduces the total number of hours required for graduation.

If you do not see a Texas Common Course Number (TCCN) mapping a specific core course to your transfer institution, please go to Transfer Course Equivalency Guide and select your institution from the drop-down menu. The result will list all currently mapped transfer courses from your institution to SHSU courses.