Education Administration (EDAD)

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EDAD 5088. Special Topics in Educ Admin. 1-3 Hours.

The topic(s) included will vary with academic program and semester offered. Note: Maximum of six hours of coursework allowed in a student's program.

EDAD 5089. Independent Study in Ed Admin. 1-3 Hours.

EDAD 5332. School Leadership. 3 Hours.

Students are introduced to the basic activities of educational management, theories and concepts, organization, and governance of the public schools.

EDAD 5352. Communication for Ed Leaders. 3 Hours.

Students are provided with the opportunity to assess and improve their verbal, written, and oral communication skills. Group dynamics and leadership approaches to conflict management, team building, and crisis management are addressed. The content is designed to familiarize students with communication skills necessary for leadership in educational organizations and facilitate their communication skills with others.

EDAD 5372. Fed-State-Local Sch Law. 3 Hours.

Students study the legal basis of school control; the relation of the federal government to public education, the state as the fundamental legal unit in organization and administration of a state system of schools; the district as the unit of local school control; and legal duties and responsibilities of the state and local boards of education.

EDAD 5386. Spc Populations & Spc Programs. 3 Hours.

Students learn about special programs offered in public schools such as the following: special and compensatory education, bilingual and ESL education, adult and continuing education, gifted/talented, and vocational and technical education.

EDAD 6110. Workshop in Educ Leadership. 1 Hour.

Students in this course examine current topics in educational leadership. The topics selected for the workshop will be based on needs identified through collaborative endeavors with schools, service centers, professional organizations and governmental agencies. The course may be repeated for a maximum of three hours.

EDAD 6310. School Culture and Communication. 3 Hours.

Students explore effective leadership strategies and practices to improve the school culture, student learning, and teacher growth as well as to ensure the development of collegial relationships and effective collaboration.

EDAD 6362. Principal Practicum/Internship. 3 Hours.

This laboratory course is designed to provide students intensive study and field experience in problems relating to a specific job at the elementary, middle or senior high school level.

EDAD 6370. Campus Business Management. 3 Hours.

Students learn basic campus accounting and budgetary functions as well as the management of the school facility/plant. Students study basic concepts of management of campus activity funds, personnel management, budgetary functions, translating student academic needs into the budget, public finance, facility management; and problems in local, state, and federal support of education.

EDAD 6371. Role of Prin in School Admin. 3 Hours.

This course is designed for school leaders. Consideration is given to organization, program curriculum, plant supervision, and evaluation for the principal functioning at the elementary, middle, or senior high school level.
Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

EDAD 6375. Women in Educ Leadership. 3 Hours.

Students address issues and challenges of particular interest to women in educational leadership positions. The course is designed to encourage prospective women administrators by enhancing leadership, interpersonal. and motivational skills.

EDAD 6378. Instructional Supervision. 3 Hours.

Students explore the development of effective leadership strategies to improve student achievement through curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development.

EDAD 6379. Prog Eval For School Imprvmnt. 3 Hours.

Students develop an understanding of the program evaluation process for overall school improvement and become critical consumers of research to guide decision-making; access resources, databases, and best practice models to inform effective leadership; and effectively use student assessment data to promote academic achievement and intervention programs.

EDAD 6380. Exec Ldrshp- Superintendents. 3 Hours.

Students develop skills to assume the role of the contemporary superintendent. This course consists of topics, content, and independent inquiry that address the specific and unique leadership needs of districts.

EDAD 6381. Dist Business & Financial Mgt. 3 Hours.

Students develop skills to understand basic district accounting and budgetary functions as well as the management of district facilities. This course deals with basic concepts of management of campus activity funds, personnel accounting, instructional budgetary functions, translating student academic needs into the budget, public finance; problems in local, state, and federal support of education and state financial systems with emphasis on Texas; local taxation; budgeting; financing capital items; and fiscal management.

EDAD 6382. Human Resource Management. 3 Hours.

Students study the administrator's role in recruiting and retaining adequate staff. Such topics as recruitment, salary policy, tenure, leaves, contractual obligations, evaluation systems, and academic freedom are considered.
Prerequisite: 12 hours of Principalship core coursework.

EDAD 6383. Learner Centered Leadership. 3 Hours.

Students study the duties and responsibilities of the school district superintendent related to instructional leadership at the district level. This course includes the leadership responsibilities including the importance of collaborative district improvement planning, developing a district culture of high academic expectations, the current state academic accountability system, as well as a systematic coordination of the curriculum, instruction and assessment programs.

EDAD 6384. Superintendent Practicum. 3 Hours.

Students are provided specific opportunities, independent inquiry, and experiences that are necessary for the dispositional and affective elements of the superintendency as candidates learn to manage organizational behavior and district performance.

EDAD 6385. Culturlly Proficnt Schl Ldrshp. 3 Hours.

Students develop an understanding of how organizational culture and climate intersects with diverse subcultures in the school and school community. Students reflect on their own cultural biases and collect data on school culture, climate, and community to develop action plans that address need areas. Students explore the application of organizational, communication, multicultural, and cultural proficiency theories and models to practice.

EDAD 6387. Thesis. 3 Hours.

Students engage in a detailed field study under the direction of graduate faculty. The topic and area of study must be approved by the supervising faculty member.

EDAD 6390. The School Plant. 3 Hours.

The course is designed for school superintendents, business managers, and other school personnel whose responsibilities include school plant planning and management. Topics considered may include how to use and maintain present school plants, keeping the school board and community informed as to building needs, selecting architects, and financing construction, and the developing educational specifications.

EDAD 6394. Advancing Educ Leadership. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to certify individuals as having completed Advancing Educational Leadership. Emphasis is also placed on the improvement of instruction based on data and research findings and demonstration of leadership knowledge and skills.

EDAD 6397. Current Issues For Sch Adminst. 3 Hours.

This course will provide practicing and prospective school administrators an opportunity to become current with state and national education issues. These issues may include school finance, school law, special programs, leadership and management, instructional issues, evaluation of programs and personnel, and changing policies at the state and national level.