Minor in American Studies

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The American Studies Minor explores aspects of the American experience locally, nationally, and within the global community from various perspectives and disciplines, including literature, history, political science, psychology, sociology, communication studies, and criminal justice.  Minors will complete 18 semester credit hours of study.

Minor in American Studies
AMST 3311Intro to American Studies3
Five Elective Courses (See list below)15
Total Hours18

The elective courses will be drawn from three categories of concentration, and students will select two courses from any two of these categories and one course from a third category to constitute their fifteen elective hours.

  1. Regional and Borderland Studies (studies of Texas, the Southwest, and border culture); 
  2. Ethnicity and Race in America (racial and ethnic minority experiences, history, and cultural expression); and
  3. Gender in America (women's and masculinity studies).

At least nine of the eighteen hours constituting the minor must be writing-intensive courses.

Minor in American Studies
1. Regional and Borderland Studies
CRIJ 3394Glbl Terrorism& Homlnd Securty3
ENGL 3388Texas Crossroads3
ENGL 4370American Regional Literature3
HIST 3326The History of the West3
HIST 3391Colonial Latin America3
HIST 3396The American South3
HIST 3398Texas & the Southwest3
SOCI 4332Soc Of Demography & Migration3
SPAN 3374Intro-Lit Of Spanish America3
SPAN 3385Span-Amer Culture & Civilizatn3
2. Ethnicity and Race in America
COMS 3370Intercultural Communication3
CRIJ 4385Criminl Justc & Social Divrsty3
ENGL 3337African-American Literature3
ENGL 3338Studies in Multicultural Lit3
GERM 2364Multicultures Of Amer-German3
HIST 3322Black Civil Rights Movement3
HIST 3323History of American Slavery3
HIST 3382Immigration Ethnicity Amer His3
HIST 3392Native American History3
HIST 3393African-American History3
POLS 3335Pol Ethnic Minorities & Gender3
SOCI 3324Social Inequality3
SOCI 3355Race/Ethnic Inequality3
3. Gender in America
COMS 4386Family Communication3
ENGL 3336Studies in Women's Literature3
HIST 3383American Women's History3
SOCI 3325Gender And Inequality3
POLS 3335Pol Ethnic Minorities & Gender3
PSYC 4334Applied Social Psychology3
PSYC 4391Divorce: Psychological Impact3