Minor in Environmental Science

Students seeking a minor in Environmental Science are required to complete:

Minor in Environmental Science
Required Courses
BIOL 1401Environmental Science4
BIOL/GEOG 2320Sustainability and Environment3
CHEM 1411General Chemistry I4
or CHEM 1406 Inorganic & Envir Chemistry
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II4
or CHEM 1407 Intro Organic and Biochemistry
GEOG 4331Conservation of Natural Res3
GEOL 4426Hydrogeology4
or BIOL 4330 Aquatic Biology
Prescribed Electives6-8
General Botany
General Zoology
General Ecology
Wildlife Biology
Aquatic Biology
Quantitative Analysis
Environmental Chemistry
Air Quality
Weather and Climate
Geo-Spatial Technology
Remote Sensing
Environmental Geology
Plant Science
and Plant Science Laboratory
Soil Science
Total Hours28-30