Bachelor of Science, Major in Plant and Soil Sciences with Teaching Certification

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) Teacher Certification

The primary emphasis of the teacher certification program is the preparation of secondary teachers of Agricultural, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR). Students gain a broad background in the agricultural sciences along with professional preparation courses in agricultural and secondary pedagogy. This comprehensive background prepares students for a wide variety of professional agricultural careers.

The teacher certification option can be chosen with any of the agricultural emphasis majors as shown. Students majoring in interdisciplinary agriculture, agricultural business, animal science, agricultural engineering technology, or horticulture and crop sciences who are seeking AFNR teacher certification should select CISE as their minor.

All students seeking teacher certification must be advised each semester to ensure proper sequencing of classes.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Plant and Soil Sciences with Teaching Certification
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Degree Specific Requirements
ACOM 3360Communication Skills for Agriculturists3
AGRI 1309Computers in Agriculture (or approved substitute)3
or CSTE 1330 Introduction To Computers
CHEM 1406Inorganic & Envir Chemistry 14
CHEM 1407Intro Organic and Biochemistry 14
MATH 1314Pre Calculus Algebra (Core: Area II) 13
or MATH 1332 College Mathematics
MATH 1369Elementary Statistics3
or STAT 1369 Elementary Statistics
Major Core for Certification
AGBU 2317Principles Of Agri Economics3
AGRI 1131Intro To Pro Leadership Skills1
ANSC 1319
ANSC 1119
Animal Science
and Animal Science Laboratory
PLSC 1307
PLSC 1107
Plant Science
and Plant Science Laboratory
PLSC 2395Ornamental Plant Identification3
PLSC 2399Floral Design 33
PLSC 3398Landscape Design I3
PLSC 3440Soil Science4
PLSC 4370Forage Crops & Pasture Mgmt3
or PLSC 3395 Plant Propagation Techniques
Plant and Soil Sciences Elective3
AGBU 2389Agribusiness Financl Analysis3
AGED 3310Teaching Ag Technology3
AGED 3320Interdiscip Agr Sci & Technol3
AGED 4388Agr Sci & Tech Program Mgt3
AGET 2303Intro to Ag Engineering Tech3
AGET 4381Adv Agricultural Mechanics3
ANSC 3373Animal Nutrition3
ANSC 4360Livestock Mgt Techniques3
ANSC or EQSC Production Elective - Select one from the following:3
Meat Science
Sheep & Goat Production & Mgt
Beef Cattle Production & Mgmt
Equine Science
Minor (if required)
CISE 3384The Teaching Profession3
CISE 4364Mth Tch Secondary Schools3
CISE 4378Content Literacy3
CISE 4379Differentiated Pedagogy3
CISE 4380Respon Of Pro Educator3
Secondary Ed Courses - AGED
AGED 4364Methds Tchg Agricultural Sci3
AGED 4365Std Tchng Agricultural Science3
AGED 4366Std Tchng Agricultural Science3
AGED 4380Respnsblty Of Pro Agr Sci Edu3
Total Hours133

CHEM 1406 and CHEM 1407 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area III (Life and Physical Science) and the Degree Specific requirement.


MATH 1314 and MATH 1332 satisfy Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area II (Mathematics) as well as the Degree Specific requirement.


PLSC 2399 satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area V (Creative Arts).

First Year
Component Area IX 1ANSC 1319
ANSC 1119
AGRI 11311ENGL 130213 
AGRI 1309 or CSTE 13303HIST 130223 
ENGL 130113MATH 1314 or 133233 
HIST 130123POLS 230543 
PLSC 1307
PLSC 1107
 15 16 
Second Year
Component Area IV 3Component Area VIII (ANSC 2360 Recommended)3 
AGET 23033AGBU 23173 
CHEM 140664CHEM 140764 
MATH 1369 or STAT 13693PLSC 33983 
PLSC 23953POLS 230643 
PLSC 239953  
 19 16 
Third Year
ACOM 33603ANSC 33733Component Area IX 3
AGBU 23893ANSC 43603AGED 33103
AGED 33203ANSC or EQSC Production Elective3AGED 43883
AGET 43813CISE 33843 
PLSC 34404PLSC 4370 or 33953 
 16 15 9
Fourth Year
CISE 43643AGED 43643 
CISE 43783AGED 43653 
CISE 43793AGED 43663 
CISE 43803AGED 43803 
PLSC Advanced Elective3  
 15 12 
Total Hours: 133

Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area I (Communications).


 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VI (U.S. History).


 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area II (Mathematics).


 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VII (Political Science/Government).


 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area V (Creative Arts).


 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area III (Life and Physcial Science).