Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Film & TV Production

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in film and TV production at Sam Houston State University is perfect for anyone interested in studying digital cinema.

Whether you want to write, direct, produce, design, edit, or shoot, you can get your first shot with a Sam Houston film & TV degree plan. The BFA in film and TV production provides students with an excellent liberal arts education from a renown department with a high degree of student-faculty interaction, a wide variety of hands-on courses, state-of-the-art facilities located in the Dan Rather Communications Building, and worldwide networking opportunities. Students will be prepared for a career in motion picture and media production in a diverse, multi-cultural, and rapidly changing media world.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Film and TV Production
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Required Courses
MCOM 1330Analysis of Electronic Culture3
MCOM 1332Writing For Mass Media3
THEA 1364Beginning Acting3
MCOM 1371Audio Production & Performance3
MCOM 2366Film Appreciation3
MCOM 2371TV & Film Production3
MCOM 3351Moving Image Aesthetics3
MCOM 3352Cinematography3
MCOM 3353Advanced Editing for Film & TV3
MCOM 3359Directing for Film and TV3
MCOM 3372Single Cam & Non-Linear Edit I3
MCOM 3375Scriptwriting3
MCOM 3377Multi-Camera Studio Production3
MCOM 3378Production Management3
MCOM 3379Multi-Camera Field Production3
THEA 4331Acting For The Camera3
MCOM 4351New Media Platforms3
MCOM 4371Mass Media Law And Ethics3
MCOM 4373Advanced Production3
MCOM 4375Advanced Screenwriting3
MCOM 4378Multi-Camera Remotes3
MCOM 4379Directing Multicam Productions3
MCOM 4398Professional Internship3
MCOM 4099Independent Study3
Electives 6
Total Hours120