Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Therapy (MUST)

Bachelor of Music, Major in Music Therapy (MUST)

The music therapy curriculum prepares the student for a career as a music therapist and the requisite professional certification. A one-semester internship (6 semester credit hours) is required.

Bachelor of Music - Major in Music Therapy (MUST)
Core Curriculum: 42 hours
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
Music Core (for Music Therapy majors): 25 hours
MUSI 1222Theory Of Music I2
MUSI 1223Theory Of Music II2
MUSI 1224Musicianship I2
MUSI 1225Musicianship II2
MUSI 1379Survey of World Music Cultures 13
MUSI 2222Theory Of Music III2
MUSI 2223Theory Of Music IV2
MUSI 2224Musicianship III2
MUSI 2226Conducting I2
MUSI 2348Survey of Music Literature 23
MUSI 3376Mus His: Antiq through Baroque3
or MUSI 3377 Mus His: Classic to Present
Music Courses and Music Therapy Courses (for Music Therapy Majors): 66 hours
XXXX 1201 Ind. Performances (Lower-Level Applied Lessons-SCH 2)8
XXXX 3201 Ind. Performances (Advanced-Level Applied Lessons-SCH 2) 34
MUEN XXXXLower-Level Ensemble4
MUEN XXXXUpper-Level Ensemble2
Select a minimum of 7 hours depending on concentrate (see advisor) 47
Class Piano, Level 1
Class Piano, Level 2
Class Piano, Level 3
Fund Of Guitar
Fundamentals Of Singing
Study Of Percussion
MUSI 2338Intro Music Therapy3
MUSI 2339Psychology Of Music3
Select 4 hours from the following with advisor approval: 54
Practicum In Music Therapy I 5
Practicum In Music Therapy II 5
Practicum In Music Therapy III 5
Practicum In Music Therapy IV 5
MUSI 3336Instr Skills Mus Therapy Set3
MUSI 3337Instr Skills Music Thrpy SetII3
MUSI 3365Obser & Measure Mus Therapy3
MUSI 3366Mus Therapy Tchnq I3
MUSI 4395Mus Therapy Tchnq II3
MUSI 4396Mus Therapy Tchnq III3
MUSI 4397Internship In Music Therapy (Internship)3
MUSI 4398Internship In Music Therapy (Internship)3
Select 3 hours of upper-level hours from MUSI, MUEN, PSYC, or other course with Music Therapy advisor approval3
Clinical Foundation Courses (Required for American Music Therapy Assocication): 13 hours
BIOL 2401Human Anatomy 64
PSYC 1301Introduction To Psychology 73
PSYC 3331Abnormal Psychology3
PSYC 3374Development Psychology3
Total Hours129

NOTE: ​Pending approval of The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Total semester credit hour change from 133 SCH to 129 SCH


  • Students should use elective courses and/or a minor (if applicable) to complete the 42 advanced-hour requirement for graduation. 
  • Music Therapy students must pass the Practicum Readiness Evaluation before beginning the practicum sequence.  This evaluation may be taken up to 3 times.
  • Completion of six semesters of Concert Attendance is required for graduation.  See student handbook and/or contact the School of Music for details.


The following performance ensembles are open to all students of the university who qualify by audition:

Large Ensembles

Large Ensembles-
Marching/Concert Band-for Wind and Percussion Students
MUEN 1116/3116Band1
Wind Ensemble/Symphonic Band-for Wind and Percussion Students
MUEN 2116/4116Wind Ensemble1
Orchestra-for String Students
MUEN 1117/3117Orchestra1
Chorus-for Vocal Students
MUEN 1111/3111Mixed Chorus1

Small Ensembles

No more than eight hours earned in large ensembles may be counted toward a degree. Small ensembles may be counted if approved by the ensemble director, studio instructor and the Director, School of Music.

Additional small ensembles, such as Jazz Ensemble, Opera Workshop, and Chamber Music are strongly encouraged for those who qualify by audition:

Small Ensembles
Jazz Ensemble
MUEN 1115/3115Jazz Band1
Opera Workshop
MUEN 1119/3119Opera Workshop1
Chamber Music (smaller instrumental groups, including piano trios, string quartets, guitar ensemble, percussion ensemble, etc.)
MUEN 1118/3118Chamber Music1
Keyboard Skills and Collaborative Techniques-for Keyboard performance major students only
MUEN 1110/3110Keyboard Skills & Collab Techn1


  • Music majors should enroll in at least one ensemble each semester they are enrolled as full-time students (except the student teaching semester).
  • Students enrolled in studio instruction should be concurrently enrolled in an ensemble.
  • Jazz Ensemble will not normally be considered to be the major ensemble for graduation hours.
  • Students should not be enrolled in more than 2 ensembles per semester.
  • Music Therapy majors must participate in 6 semesters of ensemble.

NOTE: Modifications or exceptions may be made in rare or unusual circumstances, but require approval by the Director, School of Music in coordination with ensemble directors and studio instructors.

Marching Band (for Wind and Percussion students)

  • Students in the BM ALIN (instrumental) Teacher Certification program are required to be in Marching Band for 3 semesters.
  • Music Performance Majors are required to be in Marching Band for 2 semesters.
  • Music Therapy Majors, music minors, and non-majors are encouraged to participate in Marching Band.

For information regarding Common Course numbers for Ensemble, please refer to the Common Course listing in this catalog.

Ind. Performances/Applied Music Instruction and Practicums (Music Therapy)

Applied Music Instruction (Instrument, Voice, Music Therapy Practicum)
BSSN 1201Ind Performances-Bassoon2
BSSN 3201Ind Performances-Bassoon2
BSSN 3202Applied Bassoon W/ Jr Recital2
VNCL 1201Ind Performances-Violncello2
VNCL 3201Ind Performances-Violncello2
VNCL 3202Applied Cello W/ Jr Recital2
CLAR 1201Ind Performances-Clarinet2
CLAR 3201Ind Performances-Clarinet2
CLAR 3202Applied Clarinet W/ Jr Recital2
COMP 1101Applied Composition I1
COMP 3301Applied Composition II3
EUPH 1201Ind Performances-Euphonium2
EUPH 3201Ind Performances-Euphonium2
EUPH 3202Applied Euphonium w/Jr Rectl2
FLUT 1201Ind Performances-Flute2
FLUT 3201Ind Performances-Flute2
FLUT 3202Applied Flute W/ Jr Recital2
French Horn
HORN 1201Ind Performances-Frnch Horn2
HORN 3201Ind Performances-Frnch Horn2
HORN 3202Applied Horn With Jr Recital2
GUIT 1201Ind Performances-Guitar2
GUIT 3201Ind Performances-Guitar2
GUIT 3202Applied Guitar W/ Jr Recital2
HARP 1201Harp2
HARP 3201Harp2
HARP 3202Applied Harp W/ Jr Recital2
OBOE 1201Ind Performances-Oboe2
OBOE 3201Ind Performances-Oboe2
OBOE 3202Applied Oboe With Jr Recital2
ORGN 1201Ind Performances-Organ2
ORGN 3201Ind Performances-Organ I2
ORGN 3202Applied Organ With Jr Recital2
PERC 1201Ind Performances-Percussion2
PERC 3201Ind Performances-Percussion2
PERC 3202Applied Percussion W/ Jr Rectl2
PIAN 1201Ind Performances-Piano2
PIAN 3201Ind Performances-Piano2
PIAN 3202Applied Piano With Jr Recital2
SAXO 1201Ind Performances-Saxophone2
SAXO 3201Ind Performances-Saxophone2
SAXO 3202Applied Saxophone W/ Jr Recitl2
String Bass
STBS 1201Ind Performances-Strg Bass2
STBS 3201Ind Performances-Strg Bass2
STBS 3202Applied String Bass W/ Jr Rect2
TRMT 1201Ind Performances-Trumpet2
TRMT 3201Ind Performances-Trumpet2
TRMT 3202Applied Trumpet W/ Jr Recital2
TUBA 1201Ind Performances-Tuba2
TUBA 3201Ind Performances-Tuba2
TUBA 3202Applied Tuba With Jr Recital2
TRMB 1201Ind Performances-Trombone2
TRMB 3201Ind Performances-Trombone2
TRMB 3202Applied Trombone W/ Jr Recital2
VIOL 1201Ind Performances-Viola2
VIOL 3201Ind Performances-Viola2
VIOL 3202Applice Viola W/ Jr Recital2
VILN 1201Individual Performances-Violin2
VILN 3201Individual Performances-Violin2
VILN 3202Applied Violin W/ Jr Recital2
VOIC 1201Ind Performances-Voice2
VOIC 3201Ind Performances-Voice2
VOIC 3202Applied Voice With Jr Recital2
Practicum – Early Childhood
MUSI 3117Practicum In Music Therapy I1
Practicum – Special Needs
MUSI 3118Practicum In Music Therapy II1
Practicum – Psychiatric/Geriatric
MUSI 4110Practicum In Music Therapy III1
Practicum – Medical
MUSI 4111Practicum In Music Therapy IV1

Applied Music Fees

Students enrolled in Applied Music Instruction are required to pay a fee at the time of registration on a per-course basis each semester:

Texas ResidentNonresident
Semester Hours Amount Semester Hours Amount
2-hour course $60.00 2-hour course $60.00
4-hour course $75.00 4-hour course $75.00

There is no additional charge for use of practice rooms.

First Year
Component Area II3Component Area I3
Component Area IX1MUEN XXXX (Lower Level Ensemble)1
MUEN XXXX (Lower Level Ensemble)1MUSI 1182, 1303, 1304, or 131011
MUSI 1181, 1303, 1304, or 131011MUSI 12232
MUSI 12222MUSI 12252
MUSI 12242PSYC 130123
MUSI 23383XXXX 1201 Ind. Performances-XXXX2
XXXX 1201 Ind. Performances-XXXX2 
 15 14
Second Year
Component Area I3Component Area III4
Component Area VI3MUEN XXXX (Lower Level Ensemble)1
Component Area IX3MUSI 23393
MUEN XXXX (Lower Level Ensemble)1MUSI 234833
MUSI 2181, 1303, 1304, or 131011MUSI 22232
MUSI 22222XXXX 1201 Ind. Performances-XXXX2
MUSI 22242 
XXXX 1201 Ind. Performances-XXXX2 
 17 15
Third Year
MUEN XXXX Upper-Level Ensemble1MUEN XXXX Upper-Level Ensemble1
MUSI 311741MUSI 3110, 1303, or 130411
MUSI 22262MUSI 311841
MUSI 33363PSYC 33313
MUSI 33653MUSI 33373
PSYC 33743MUSI 33663
XXXX 3201 Ind. Performances-XXXX52XXXX 3201 Ind. Performances-XXXX52
 15 14
Fourth Year
Component Area VII3Component Area VII3
BIOL 240164Component Area VI3
MUSI, MUEN or PSYC Upper Level Elective3MUSI 1304, 1303, or 131013
MUSI 137973MUSI 3376 or 33773
MUSI 411041MUSI 411141
MUSI 43953MUSI 43963
 17 16
Fifth Year
MUSI 43973 
MUSI 43983 
Total Hours: 129

NOTE: ​Pending approval of The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board: Total semester credit hour change from 133 SCH to 129 SCH

NOTE:  Completion of six semesters of Concert Attendance is required for graduation.  See student handbook and/or contact the School of Music for details.