College of Fine Arts & Mass Communication

Administrative Officers 

Title/Department Officer
DeanRonald Shields, Ph.D.; (936) 294-2771
Associate DeanBrian Miller, D.M.A.; (936) 294-1117
Associate DeanWayne Barrett, D.M.A.; (936) 294-2773
Department of ArtMichael Henderson, M.F.A., Chair; (936) 294-1318
Department of DanceJennifer Pontius, M.F.A., Chair; (936) 294-1300
Department of Mass CommunicationJean Bodon, Ph.D., Chair; (936) 294-1419
Department of Theatre & Musical TheatrePenelope Hasekoester, M.F.A., Chair; (936) 294-1330
School of MusicScott Plugge, D.M.A., Director; (936) 294-1360


The College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication is housed in the award-winning James & Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center, which opened in the Fall of 2010. The college comprises the Departments of Art, Dance, Mass Communication, Theatre & Musical Theatre, and the School of Music—five outstanding departments in one dynamic college that seeks to inspire, educate, and graduate creative artists and media professionals.

The College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication enjoys state-of-the-art facilities in which to present unique and cutting-edge programming. Ranging from the traditional to the experimental, students can explore new frontiers in all their creative endeavors. From digital media to film to animation, broadcast journalism to public relations to graphic design, choreography to composition to conducting, and from stage management to scene design to acting, students in fine arts and mass communication can find themselves at Sam Houston.


  • Faculty members in the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication are recognized nationally and internationally for their expertise through awards, publications, presentations, and performances. 
  • Students within the college enjoy a high degree of personalized support and developmental opportunities, including numerous scholarships, ensemble trips, artistic competitions, and international study.
  • Over 200 fine arts events are scheduled on campus throughout the year, including art gallery exhibits, musical theatre performances, dance performances, music concerts and recitals, and theatre productions.
  • Departments in the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication annually host state and regional conferences, symposiums, and festivals. 

Academic Programs

The College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication is comprised of 5 academic units:

  • Department of Art
  • Department of Dance
  • Department of Mass Communication
  • Department of Theatre & Musical Theatre
  • School of Music

College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication Undergraduate Degrees

Major Degree(s)
Department of Art
Computer AnimationB.F.A.
Graphic DesignB.F.A.
Studio Art 2D TrackB.F.A.
Studio Art 3D TrackB.F.A.
Department of Dance
Department of Mass Communication
Mass Communication with Concentration: Broadcast ProductionB.A.
Mass Communication with Concentration: FilmB.A.
Mass Communication with Concentration: Multi-Platform JournalismB.A.
Mass Communication with Concentration: Public Relations and AdvertisingB.A.
Agricultural Communication (with Agricultural Sciences)B.S.
Mass Communication: Film and Television ProductionB.F.A.
Department of Theatre & Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre With Dance EmphasisB.F.A.
Musical Theatre With Music EmphasisB.F.A.
Musical Theatre With Theatre EmphasisB.F.A.
Theatre - Acting and Directing EmphasisB.F.A.
Theatre - Design and Technology EmphasisB.F.A.
Theatre With Teaching CertificationB.F.A.
School of Music
Music with Concentration: All Level Certification ChoralB.M.
Music with Concentration: All Level Certification InstrumentalB.M.
Music with Concentration: All Level Certification StringB.M.
Music with Concentration: CompositionB.M.
Music with Concentration: Instrumental PerformanceB.M.
Music with Concentration: Piano PerformanceB.M.
Music with Concentration: Vocal PerformanceB.M.
Music TherapyB.M.