Bachelor of Science, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies Certificate, 4-8 Core

Bachelor of Science, Major in Interdisciplinary Studies, 4-8 Core
Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science) 18
Component Area IV (Language, Philosphy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts) 13
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and behavioral Sciences) 13
Component Area IX (Component Area Option) 14
Degree Specific Requirements
BIOL 1436Foundations Of Science 24
ECON 1100Economics of Social Problems 31
ENGL 2332Wrld Lit I: Before 17 Century 44
or ENGL 2333 World Lit II: 17th C & After
MATH 1384Intro To Foundations Of Math I 53
Major Core
BESL 3301Second Language Acquisition 63
CIME 2313Teaching as a Profession3
CIME 3327Integ Tech in Middle Grades 73
CIME 3374Human Growth & Learning 83
CIME 3375The Middle Level Child3
CIME 3385The Middle Grades Classroom3
EDUC 1101Educator Preparation1
MATH 1385Intro Foundations Of Math II3
SPED 2301Introduction to Exceptionality 93
CHEM 1305
CHEM 1105
Applying Chemistry to Society
and Chemistry in Context Lab
HIST 3398Texas And The Southwest3
MATH 2384Functions And Graphs3
MATH 3386Fundmtls Probability/Stats3
PHYS 1305
PHYS 1105
Classical Physics & Thermdynmc
and Class Phy & Thermodynamics Lab
Field Experience I
READ 3373Content Area Rdg In Mid Grades3
READ 3374Voc & Word Stdy In Mid Grades3
Field Experience II
READ 3388Read Methods/Assess-Mid Lev3
READ 3389Lang Arts/Assessment - Mid Lev3
TESL 3303Litr Strat for Eng Lng Lrners3
SPED 3301Learn and Instruc Child W/Disa3
Field Experience III
CIME 3376Curriculum & Assmt For Mid Grd3
CIME 4334Teaching Math in Middle Grades3
CIME 4335Teaching Science in the Middle Grades3
CIME 4336Teaching Social Studies in the Middle Grades3
TESL 4303Teaching Eng As A Second Lang3
Student Teaching
CIME 4391Student Teaching in the Middle Grades3
CIME 4392Student Teaching in the Middle Grades3
EDUC 4301Teacher Education Capstone3
Total Hours126
First Year
Component Area I3Component Area I3
Component Area VI3Component Area VI3
Component Area V13Component Area VII3
BIOL 143624Component Area VIII53
ECON 110031COMS 23823
MATH 138443MATH 13853
 17 18
Second Year
Component Area VII3BESL 330173
Component Area III64CHEM 1305
CHEM 1105
CIME 23133CIME 337483
EDUC 11011MATH 33863
ENGL 2332 or 23333SPED 230193
MATH 23843 
 17 16
Third Year
CIME 33753CIME 3327103
HIST 33983CIME 33853
PHYS 1305
PHYS 1105
4READ 33883
READ 33733READ 33893
READ 33743SPED 33013
 TESL 33033
 16 18
Fourth Year
CIME 33763CIME 43913
CIME 43343CIME 43923
CIME 43353EDUC 43013
CIME 43363 
TESL 43033 
 15 9
Total Hours: 126