Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Management

Each BBA degree consists of:

Transfer students must take at least 50% of the required business curriculum for the BBA in residence at Sam Houston State University, which may include courses taken at The Woodlands Center (TWC) campus or through SHSU Online.

1 The Business Core consists of the following courses:

Business Core
ACCT 2301Principles of Financial Acc3
ACCT 2302Principles of Managerial Acc3
BANA 2372Business Analysis3
BANA 3363Inter Business Analysis3
BUAD 2301Business Legal Environment3
BUAD 3335Business Communication3
ECON 2301Principles Of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2302Principles Of Microeconomics 13
FINC 3320Business Finance3
MGIS 3310Principles of MIS3
MGMT 3310Principles Of Management3
MGMT 3370Operations Management3
MGMT 4390Strategic Management & Policy3
MKTG 3310Principles Of Marketing3

Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences). 

Major Requirements

A minimum grade of “C” is required in all Management courses taken for the Management major.

Degree Plan

Core Curriculum
Component Area I (Communication)6
Component Area II (Mathematics)3
Component Area III (Life and Physical Science)8
Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy, and Culture)3
Component Area V (Creative Arts)3
Component Area VI (U.S. History)6
Component Area VII (Political Science/Government)6
Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences)3
Component Area IX (Component Area Option)4
First Year
Component Area III4BUAD 1305 or CSTE 13303
ECON 1100, KINE 2115, MCOM 1130, or NGLI 110111Component Area III4
ENGL 130123Component Area V3
HIST 130133ENGL 130213
MATH 132443HIST 130223
 14 16
Second Year
Component Area IV3ACCT 23023
ACCT 23013BUAD 23013
BANA 23723BUAD 2321 or COMS 238213
ECON 23013ECON 230263
POLS 230553POLS 230653
 15 15
Third Year
BANA 33633BUAD 33353
FINC 33203MGIS 33103
MGMT 33103MGMT 33203
MKTG 33103MGMT 33303
PSYC 1301 or SOCI 13013MGMT 33703
 15 15
Fourth Year
Advanced Business Electives73General Electives3
ACCT 33043MGMT 43453
Management Electives83MGMT 43903
Management Electives83Management Electives83
MGMT 4340 or MKTG 43403Management Electives83
 15 15
Total Hours: 120

Satisfies requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area IX (Component Area Option).


Satisfies requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area I (Communication).


Satisfies requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area VI (U.S. History).


Satisfies requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area II (Mathematics).


Satisfies requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area VII (Political Science/Government).


Satisfies requirement for Core Curriculum Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences).


Advanced (3000 or 4000) Business Electives with a prefix of ACCT, BANA, BUAD, ECON, FINC, MGIS, MGMT, or MKTG.


Management Electives, select four (12 SCH) from the below course list.


Students must earn a 2.0 minimum overall GPA in all coursework. 

Students must meet a 2.0 minimum overall major GPA in all major coursework.

Students must earn a 2.0 minimum SHSU GPA in all coursework.

Students must meet a 2.0 minimum SHSU major GPA in all major coursework. 

A minor is not required for this degree program; however, a student has the option to add a minor, but to do so additional semester credits hours will be needed above the degree program’s stated total semester credit hours. 

All minors can be paired with this degree program. 

Management Electives 8
Select four from the following:12
Advanced MGMT Electives (3000- or 4000-level), not including required MGMT courses
Business Database Management
Services Marketing Management

The BBA in Management is designed to provide graduates with the following marketable skills:

  • Communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Strategic and critical analysis.
  • Teamwork.
  • Leadership.