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SOCIĀ 2366. Sociology Of Sport. 3 Hours.

This course utilizes the application of the social science mode of inquiry to the study of the sociocultural characteristics of sport. These include examinations of the cultural, economic, political and structural factors (i.e., gender, race, etc.) which form salient aspects of today?s sport activities at various levels. Focus is placed on the characteristics of sports and how these characteristics both reflect and have impact upon the social climate of a given society.

Department of Sociology

...exception of SOCI 2319 , SOCI 1306 , SOCI 2366 , SOCI 3324, SOCI 3381 , and SOCI 3341...

Core Curriculum

...PSYC 1301 SOCI 1301 SOCI 1306 SOCI 1306...forward. FAMC 2301 MCOM 2366 (NEW Fall 2016...