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READ 5319. Digital Literacies. 3 Hours.

Students learn theories, concepts, and pedagogical implications of digital literacies. The focus is on the way(s) people make meaning in a digital world. Students conceptualize and implement lessons in digital reading, writing, and multimedia production, employing a critical lens to the development of new curricula through digital media.

Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacies

Given the implications of current policy and technology in education, this certificate will provide coursework that allows participants to examine the role of digital literacy in education through the evaluation of digital literacies, their politics, problems, and possibilities, and will enable a deeper understanding of ways to incorporate digital literacies into curricula. Educators will gain a richer conceptualization of digital literacies and their place in twenty-first century education, in addition to understanding ways to apply appropriate programs and applications to their current teaching practices.