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PSYC 3401. Research Methods. 4 Hours.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the scientific method in general and research methodology in psychology in particular through laboratory and field experiments. Laboratory period required.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Psychology

1 MATH 1332 or MATH 1342  is recommended.  2 Satisfies Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area VIII (Social and Behavioral Sciences). 3 If COMS 2382 is take, satisfies 3 semester credit hours of the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IX (Component Area Option). 4 Or any COMS course.  5 In order to complete a major in Psychology, a student takes 14 hours from the Required Courses plus 6 hours from each of the specialized blocks, and six hours of elective Psychology courses. Psychology majors choose an approved minor of 18 semester hours, 6 of which must be advanced.  Students should use elective and/or minor hours to satisfy the 42 advanced-hour requirement.  6 Please, note that majors must take PSYC 3401 and PSYC 3402 in the Psychology Program once the student has enrolled at Sam Houston State University, unless the course has been transferred into the program. Only grades of C or above in Psychology Program courses (those with the prefix PSYC) will count toward the major in Psychology. 

Transfer Articulation: Sociology

...The only substitution permitted is Psychology Statistics (PSYC 3401) for Social Statistics (SOCI 3443). Sociology...