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PHYS 1401. Physics Boot Camp. 4 Hours.

Students engage in a review of the essential mathematical and problem solving skills required for the first two years of the physics, pre-engineering, and certain engineering-technology degree plans. Applications focus on the context of physics and engineering examples, starting from first principles. All students considering a physics or pre-engineering major should enroll in the Bootcamp during their first semester on campus. A weekly group problem solving practice session is integrated.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Physics

1 MATH 1420  satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area II (Mathematics), one semester credit hour of Component Area IX (Component Area Option), and the Degree Specific requirement. 2 CHEM 1411 , CHEM 1412 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area III (Life and Physical Science).  3 The following minor cannot be paired with this degree program: Minor in Physics.

Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy are for creative and curiously-minded students who want a shot at cracking Nature's secret source code — people who are excited by questions like “What happened right after the Big Bang?”, “How does time warp near a black hole?”, or “Can atomic systems coexist in multiple realities at once?”