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PADMĀ 5003. Disaster Management Internship. 3,6 Hours.

Students engage in supervised work that provides on-the-job disaster management experience within a public, non-profit, or private organization. Students may earn 3 credit hours for 240 hours of field experience or 6 credit hours for 480 hours of field experience. Under the supervision of a faculty internship coordinator, students will apply and reflect upon the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in their MPA concentration coursework to their field experience in a series of written assignments. Credit (3 or 6).
Prerequisite: Graduate Standing and Department Approval.

Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.)

The Master of Public Administration program is an online degree program designed to empower those seeking a career in public service as well as those already employed who desire to enhance their current career trajectory. The program prepares professionals for work in government at the local, state, or national level as well as nonprofit organizations. Those in the private sector may also find the curriculum valuable.