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NURS 4030. Community Nursing. 6 Hours.

Students focus on the synthesis of public health concepts within a preventive framework to promote and maintain the health of communities and includes an examination of the historical development, philosophy, health care systems, epidemiology, and nursing care of specific populations and groups in the community. Primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of prevention are emphasized as they relate to the natural history of disease in individuals, families, and groups. A community health assessment is completed using census data, morbidity and mortality rates, epidemiologic and statistical methods, and community-based research. Progressively more independent behaviors are expected of students in community health practice. (Class: 3 hours weekly Clinical/Lab: 9 hours weekly.) Variable Credit (1-6). For non-RN students - NURS 3360 with a C or better.
Prerequisite: For RN-BSN - Admission to the RN-BSN program.