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MUSI 3110. Study Of Percussion. 1 Hour.

Students study the basic techniques of teaching and playing all percussion instruments. Three hours lecture and practice.

Bachelor of Music, Major in Music with Teaching Certification: Instrumental

1 MATH 1332 is the recommended course for students in this degree program. 2 MUSI 1379  satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy and Culture) & the Major Core. 3 MUSI 2348 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area V (Creative Arts) & the Major Core.  4 Students must pass the Sophomore Applied Proficiency before registering for upper-level applied lessons.  This Proficiency may be taken up to 3 times.  5 Percussion students take  MUSI 1166  & MUSI 1167  (Woodwind) and MUSI 2166  & MUSI 2167  (Brass); Brass students take MUSI 1166  & MUSI 1167  (Woodwind), MUSI 2166   OR MUSI 2167  (Brass), and MUSI 3110  (Percussion); Woodwind students take  MUSI 2166  & MUSI 2167  (Brass), MUSI 1166   OR MUSI 1167  (Woodwind), and MUSI 3110  (Percussion). See Advisor. 6 A minor is not required for this degree program; however, a student has the option to add a minor, but to do so, additional semester credit hours will be needed above the degree program’s stated total semester credit hours.  7 The following minor cannot be paired with this degree program: Minor in Music. 

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