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MUSI 1167. Study Of Woodwinds. 1 Hour.

Students engage in a continuation of the study of basic techniques of teaching and playing clarinet, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, and flute. Three hours lecture and practice.

Bachelor of Music, Major in Music with Teaching Certification: Instrumental

1 MATH 1332 is the recommended course for students in this degree program. 2 MUSI 1379  satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IV (Language, Philosophy and Culture) & the Major Core. 3 MUSI 2348 satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area V (Creative Arts) & the Major Core.  4 Students must pass the Sophomore Applied Proficiency before registering for upper-level applied lessons.  This Proficiency may be taken up to 3 times.  5 Percussion students take  MUSI 1166  & MUSI 1167  (Woodwind) and MUSI 2166  & MUSI 2167  (Brass); Brass students take MUSI 1166  & MUSI 1167  (Woodwind), MUSI 2166   OR MUSI 2167  (Brass), and MUSI 3110  (Percussion); Woodwind students take  MUSI 2166  & MUSI 2167  (Brass), MUSI 1166   OR MUSI 1167  (Woodwind), and MUSI 3110  (Percussion). See Advisor. 6 A minor is not required for this degree program; however, a student has the option to add a minor, but to do so, additional semester credit hours will be needed above the degree program’s stated total semester credit hours.  7 The following minor cannot be paired with this degree program: Minor in Music.