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LITC 7370. Quantitative Rsch Method - Lit. 3 Hours.

Emphasis is placed on the examination of quantitative research designs and methodologies, the critique of published educational research, the ethical and legal issues of educational research, and the development of a research proposal.
Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

Literacy (LITC)

LITC 7300. Psychological & Social Foundations of Language & Literature. 3 Hours. Using cognative-processing, socio-cognitive processing, transactional, transactional-socio-psycho-linguistic, attitude, influence, and critical theories, candidates will explore literacy education. Prerequisite: Admission into the Ed.D. program in Literacy Leadership.

Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership

...Administration concentration includes HEDL 7370 , HEDL 7372 , HEDL...DVED 7365 , CIED 7331 , LITC 7336 . The Texas...