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KINE 4369. Adapted Physical Activity. 3 Hours.

This course is designed to provide an introduction to adapted physical activity including sports and leisure for persons with disabilities across school, community, and clinical based programs. This course will provide information and knowledge on how to teach movement skills to persons with disabilities in various physical activity settings. Opportunities are provided to work with individuals with disabilities on-and off-campus.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Human Performance and Wellness Management

The BS in Human Performance and Wellness Management program prepares students for a career in corporate and commercial fitness. Future job prospects include wellness coordinator, personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, and other fitness specialization positions. This track is focused on applied settings where one works with the general population, such as at performance centers, commercial gyms, or recreational facilities. This degree will also allow completion of prerequisites to apply to occupational therapy programs. Refer to the guidelines from the OT schools you will apply to, but electives to apply to OT school include PSYC 3331, PSYC 3374, and PSYC 3333, plus you may need a course in medical terminology (of 1-3 hours). A minor is not required for this program.