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HIST 2312. World History since 1500. 3 Hours. [TCCN: HIST 2312]

Students examine the history of the world from 1500 to the present. Topics may include European expansion overseas; imperialism and colonization; the Industrial Revolution; the Enlightenment; the French Revolution; nineteenth century nationalism and democracy; the colonial rebellions in Africa, Latin America, and Asia; World War I; World War II; the Cold War; and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Department of History

The Department of History prepares students to learn about and analyze historical events; evaluate change over time; assess complex forces at work in the past; and learn how, in written and oral expression, to explain these various phenomena. In doing so, the department prepares students for any career requiring critical and analytical skills. The Department of History is a vehicle—through teaching, research and service—for exploring the past on its own terms and understanding the present. 

Bachelor of Arts, Major in History

The Bachelor of Arts in History degree prepares students to analyze and interpret historical events; to evaluate change over time; and to assess the complex forces at work in the past. The degree prepares students for any career requiring critical and analytical skills. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires 36 hours in History, including:   HIST 1301 ,  HIST 1302 ,  HIST 2311 , and  HIST 2312 ; three advanced hours in American history; three advanced hours in European history; and three advanced hours in world history.  Among the hours students take at the 3000-level in American, European, and world history, at least one course must have a primary focus on pre-modern history. All history majors are required to complete at least one 4000-level history course.  At least 12 advanced hours must be taken in residence. 

Transfer Articulation: History

...SHSU must complete HIST 1301 , HIST 1302 , HIST 2311 , and HIST 2312 . Applicants may transfer...

Bachelor of Science, Major in History

...hours in history, including: HIST 1301 , HIST 1302 , HIST 2311 HIST 2312 , three advanced hours...