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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

...available for students engaged in undergraduate research. For...294-1774. Mathematics MATH 5360. Special Topics. 3...

Master of Arts in Communication Studies

...Methods & Resrch , COMS 5332 Statistical Methods For Comm , COMS 5360 Adv Interpersonal Communicatn , and COMS...

FORSĀ 5360. Pattern and Physical Evidence Concepts. 3 Hours.

This course will introduce the interpretation of pattern evidence and the forensic analysis of physical evidence. Scientific experiments and analysis of pattern in support of crime scene reconstruction will be discussed. Pattern recognition of physical evidence, such as bloodstains, gunshot residues, tire prints, shoeprints, fire debris, explosive, glass fracture, body gesture, and wound patterns, will be covered. Physical and chemical techniques for the visualization or enhancement of varies types of patterns will also be introduced. Expert interpretation of observed pattern of physical evidence will be discussed. Four-hour laboratory.

LSSLĀ 5360. Literature For Children. 3 Hours.

Acquaints students with the selection, critical analysis, and historical development of literature for children. Emphasis is placed on selecting recreational and informational materials for children reflecting our multicultural society; identifying techniques, activities, and strategies that motivate children to read and respond to literature; and developing critical abilities for evaluating literature for children. Required for certification and MLS.