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ENGL 0111. Tutorial for Basic Writing. 1 Hour.

This course is a one-hour writing tutorial, which focuses on basic conventions of college writing, providing instruction in the fundamentals of English grammar, mechanics, word choice, vocabulary, and spelling. The primary concerns are the word, the sentence, the paragraph, and the short theme. The goals of the course are to raise the students' level of understanding of SAE (Standard American English), support them in the ENGL 1301 in which they are simultaneously enrolled, and prepare them for ENGL 1302. Prerequisite: Score of 360-362 in writing in the Texas Success Initiative Assessment Test or Departmental Approval. Credit in this course will not be allowed to count toward graduation or computation of grade point average or classification of students by hours completed. (Course does not fulfill University degree requirements.)
Prerequisite: Score slightly below passing on the writing portion of the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment Test or departmental approval.