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ECHE 3316. Assessment in Early Childhood. 3 Hours.

Students develop knowledge about a variety of assessment procedures appropriate for use with young children. Advantages and limitations of assessment techniques, including standardized test results, are examined. Observation techniques and authentic, classroom-based assessments are major areas of emphasis in the course. Ten hours of field experience required.

Bachelor of Science, Major in Education, Early Childhood Education

1 COMS 1361  and  KINE 2115  are recommended. Satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement for Component Area IX (Component Area Option).  2 ECHE 3301 and ECHE 3316 are blocked courses that are taken together and require Field Experience (20 hours). 3 Texas Early Childhood Articulation (TECA) courses are not offered at SHSU. TECA courses  may be  transferred from Community Colleges. 4 ECHE electives may include ECHE courses and courses with the prefix of BESL, CRIJ, EDUC, PSYC, READ, SOCI, or SPED that have a content focus related to working with young children and families. 5 A minor is not required for this degree program; however, a student has the option to add a minor, but to do so additional semester credits hours may be needed above the degree program’s stated total semester credit hours.  6 All minors can be paired with this degree program.