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DANC 3376. Choreography II. 3 Hours.

This course builds on skills developed in DANC 2376, Choreography I. Students develop duet and small group compositional studies.
Prerequisite: DANC 2376 and/or permission of the instructor.

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Dance

Only grades of C or higher in all dance courses will apply towards the BFA in Dance. Undergraduate admission to the BFA in Dance is by audition only . Please visit our Admission/Audition page for more information and dates. Not all dance courses are offered each semester. Consult the Schedule of Classes and your dance faculty advisor before registration. Sophomore Gate : In conjunction with DANC 3376 (Choreography II), each student will be assessed by faculty to determine the student’s progress and potential for completion of the BFA program.

Minor in Dance

1  Placement audition and departmental approval are required. 2  DANC 2376 is a prerequisite for DANC 3376. 3  Students may petition to enroll in other advanced courses in dance.