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BIOL 2420. Intro Applied Microbiology. 4 Hours.

An introduction to microorganisms, their morphology, growth requirements, methods of culture, and the manner in which they affect health. Reactions of the body toward pathogenic organisms and the principles of immunity and chemotherapy are considered. Two-hour laboratory. Fall, Spring. Credit in this course cannot be applied to a major or minor in Biology. Demonstrated college-level readiness in reading, writing, and math.
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C or better in BIOL 2401 and BIOL 2402 or BIOL 2403 and 2404, and C or better in CHEM 1411 or CHEM 1406 or a C or better in CHEM 1111 and CHEM 1311 or CHEM 1106 and CHEM 1306.